Northumberland Challenge Swim 2012

Saturday afternoon saw 3 open water swim races, 750m, 1500m and 3000m. Sunny, blustery conditions made for a tough back leg across the lake. Both the 1500m and 3000m were won by the smallest margins, with Aiston sprinting past Robinson in the ‘Australian finish’ as the pair exited the water together. 2011 winner Sam Yeates was this year edged out by Reece Hindmarsh by 2 seconds.

We’d like to wish all swimmers planning to complete the 16Km Tyne Swim 2012 event for RNLI the very best of luck, anyone who wishes to sponsor the team can do so at

1500m overall top 3

  1. Reece Hindmarsh 15:25
  2. Samuel Yeates 15:27
  3. Becki Newman 16:54

3000m overall top 3

  1. Philip Aiston 32:10
  2. Alexandra Robinson 32:10
  3. Lucy Ellis 32:17

Next up, Newbiggin Bay Sprint, the region’s favourite Sprint Tri and traditionally closes the open water season, hopefully see you on 9th September.